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    VINCO Sugar-Free cookies
    Do you love eating yummy creamy cookies? Who doesn’t? VINCO is the brand name providing the cream cookies and crackers for several years all over the world. We made the creamiest cookies in our kitchen with the goal to provide the best and the tastiest cookies and the crackers to the cookie lovers. We use all the natural ingredients while baking sugar- free cookies just to make sure that you got no health issue.
    Are you diabetic? Well, the heart must be craving for the creamy cookie and crackers all the time? If yes, then why compromise on your cookie cravings. We at VINCO make the sugar free cookies for the diabetic patients. The process of baking the sugar-free cookies here is very simple. We don’t use any artificial flavours and ingredients. But use the natural wheat flour and safest and the best sweetener for the diabetic patients-Maltitol.
    What are the benefits of using Maltitol?
    There are many benefits of using maltitol as a sweetener in sugar-free cookies, especially for the diabetic and low-calorie consumers. However, some of them are as follows:
     Maltitol is a sugar alcohol that uses as the sweetener in the sugar-free cookies. Its work as an alternative to sugar and similarly has not as many calories as in regular sugar. This property makes it the best choice for the diabetic patients.
     It is low in calories and hence helps the people who want to lose some pounds without heavy workouts.
     It does not contain any unpleasant aftertaste as other sugar replaces and hence helps the people to stick to their calorie diet chart.
     This is the perfect choice for the people with diabetes as its help in managing weight and also in controlling diabetes.
    What are reasons/benefits of eating VINCO Sugar-Free Cookies?
    We have mentioned earlier that we use maltitol while baking sugar-free cookies. However, the motto is just not adding an ingredient. We promise you to provide only the best possible option while having diabetes.
    Moreover, it is the best compliment to your diabetic diet. So don’t if you are sugar level is high because of using regular sugar as VINCO sugar-free cookies are here for you.
    Why eat VINCO Sugar-Free Cookies?
     These cookies are made up of wheat flour and maltitol-(alternative sugar)
     Free of artificial flavours and ingredients
     Zero level cholesterol
     Trans fat-free
     High in fibre
     Zero sugar calories
    We know how much your health is essential. Therefore, by keeping your all medical aspects in mind. We have created something refreshing, tasty and sugar-free which satisfy your cookies cravings. Now you don’t have to starve yourself for delicious cookies anymore.
    Maltitol is a safe alternative to sugar, but there are some precautions also. It is present in VINCO sugar-free cookies. Therefore, you need to know it is a carbohydrate. This means that it still has glycaemic index-means some level of sugar. However, but not as harmful as regular sugar. Moreover, your body doesn’t absorb as much sugar alcohol as sugar so don’t worry. But still, you need a check and balance on every intake of it.
    Intake level:
    o 3 cookies per serving

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